Ahhh Yes!!! Soon college campuses across the U.S. will be bustling with students and parents unloading trucks and SUVs full of the goodies to make home away from home. Students have earned the grades, achieved the test scores, and written the essays all to get into the “right school”. The summer was filled with lists and shopping excursions to obtain the required items, and arranging schedules to arrive exactly within the assigned time frame to unload into the dorm. Alas, time to breathe!!!

Not so fast! What about the most thought provoking and future oriented question of all…. the choice of a major? After all, earning a degree in a particular area of study is the reason for going to school, but yet many spend more time choosing the bed comforter. College freshman enter college as undeclared at an alarming rate of 30-50%.  The belief is that they will figure it out as they go along, however this mentality completely understates the importance of the decision.  According to a USA Today article nearly 80% of students change their major at least once and only 36% graduate on time.  Depending on the timing and significance, the change of major could add an additional semester, a year, or even two for completing the degree.  The cost of finishing school in 6 years is 43% more than completing the degree in 4 years, which is completely debilitating in today’s cost of college.  The choice of a major dictates the investment of tens of thousands of dollars (often borrowed) and requires significant attention and planning.

We have the ability to choose our destiny; we just need to plan starting with the end in mind.  Acorn Coaching and Consulting can help, please contact us to learn more about our services.