By the 2nd week of July I now have solidly crossed the 50lb weight loss threshold (daily weight fluctuates, and I’m now consistently beyond 50lbs) I have thoughts and reflections.

I have become quite accustomed to eating far less frequently. In fact, most days I’m comfortable with one meal a day (OMAD). At this point in my journey I also find OMAD is most effective for my continued weight loss. At least on the impatient schedule I have for myself.

I see a shift in my mentality towards food. I’ve always felt the need/urge any time I was out to eat. It is so easy to wheel into a fast food or convenience store. I have little interest in that food. I also have a new view of myself of someone who eats less frequently and only “real” food. i.e., not processed. I can feel how my body better reacts to eating this way.

I still have to guard against overeating and be present/aware of the quantity and how full I feel. I saw in some research that the Vagus nerve can be damaged from years of overeating, and sadly might not recover from the gut-brain axis pathway created. I’m getting better at avoiding overeating but need to be very conscious.

Sugar does continue to scare me. My cravings have largely departed, but I don’t dare ingest any candy, cookies, cake, pastry, etc. I fear the addiction will overcome me. Luckily, I don’t feel particularly tempted. I still have the French vanilla creamer in coffee and Mio in water at home. Something to consider going forward.

I’m very pleased to have met the 50lb goal ahead of schedule of leaving for the beach 15 July. I now plan for an additional 5lbs by beach departure. As reward I plan to parasail on vacation.

I have to guard against getting too far ahead of myself, letting myself imagine too much what hitting the 80lb goal looks and feels like. That has been a downfall in the past. I need to focus on smaller goals. I am motivated to hit the 60lb weight loss mark. Something about having 20lbs to go feels very doable and exciting. So, I need to focus there.

I will continue to eat this way while on vacation and walk 3 miles each day. It will be a good test run of continuing this lifestyle in a maintenance mode, without the constant monitoring.

Upon return my focus will be to shed the last 30lbs to meet my goal. I intend to add some light strength/resistance training. Light enough that it doesn’t trigger Cortisol (stress hormone) to inhibit weight loss. I plan to visit a local gym to meet with a trainer. I will be very particular about finding someone who understands my goals and works within my philosophy of what works for me. I see this as short term to get educated, and then take advantage of facilities at work which will be more convenient and on my timeline.

This is going to happen!