Interesting that seemingly randomly I had some struggles with eating. At home is harder, but also notable when I don’t have morning coffee. The caffeine must make feel fuller and keep hunger at bay. I had planned OMAD, but my wife suggested a lunch Chick-fil-A salad. I wanted to embrace her acknowledgment of my lifestyle. I agreed, being flexible as life should be. We ate at the restaurant and when I got home I supplemented with an avocado and eggs, as I often do. Later in the afternoon I found myself hungry. I had 2 brat-like sausage. For some reason that just didn’t do it, and found myself eating some ice cream and some m&ms. I didn’t go crazy but was overwhelming. I got it together and had nothing more the day including at the ballgame. Today I am trying to be OMAD. Dinner will be carb loaded with Home Chef risotto. I will have avocado and eggs prior to feel fuller and limit the portion. Again, trying to be realistic and flexible in life along with embracing my lifestyle. This is hard some day. Stick with the plan, bend but don’t break.