The last Monday in August I am stoked to have passed the 70lb lost mark and be within 10lbs of my first major health goal. As I wrote in a previous journal entry, getting to 60lbs lost was not as motivating as I had thought. I had found it to be quite the slog for this particular 10lbs. For a couple weeks I had been hovering around 63-67lbs lost. I felt that I was plateaued and really worked to get past it. I redoubled some efforts to tighten up the amount and type of my food intake. I managed to finally kick the Mio and French vanilla creamer from my diet that has been a persistent challenge. I watched a few videos on plateaus and felt I was doing most everything correct, giving me confidence. I continued One Meal a Day (OMAD) and added a 48 hours fast (also could call it One Meal Every Other Day – OMEOD) into the mix.

I chose not to extend a fast to 72 hours because the rebound has been hard for me in both overeating when I had a meal, and the mental aspect of rebound weight. Some of the weight loss during the 72 hour fast is water and after ending the fast there is a slight natural gain afterwards. That increase, even knowing what it is, has been mentally difficult for me.

I also increased my exercise to include an additional 3 mile walk when possible, so working towards 2 walks each day. We had 15 yards of compost/soil mix delivered that needed spread. That was good physical activity, I consciously paced myself to keep it aerobic versus anaerobic exercise. I moved about 60% over the weekend, so the great thing is I have another opportunity this coming weekend to continue getting good exercise.

I feel more confident every day, and find myself very motivated to bring this weight goal of my health journey to a close. I dare let myself look forward a bit and think about celebrating. I have embarked on a relationship with a holistic doctor, and I am actively looking at adding a strength regimen to formulate my next goals.