So the last day of August was a downfall day. It was the most intense sugar cravings I can remember since starting this journey. I was really caught off guard because I had been on a high, buoyed by reaching the 70lb threshold. Also many people have not only noticed, but commented positively on my now undeniable weight loss. So I need to analyze what happened. The great news is that the next day I was able to forgive myself and be mentally strong to make positive progress again.    

I had a very strong hunger that day, so I determined to satiate with a lunch meal of grilled chicken, eggs, and avocado. This helped but upon leaving work I was completely overwhelmed with the sugar craving and actually went to the grocery store specifically to buy some cookies. I had multiple cookies, and even in the moment I knew I could eventually overcome the problem and move forward in a positive way.  

In determining where this came from, and how to better handle it in the future, I am seeking to analyze some common triggers and if/how they may have contributed.

  • Stress/Mood: I tend to be a very positive person and typically have no issues with mood which helps deal with stress. However, like all people, I have some down days. I note that on this day I was feeling a bit down whether that was by events, biorhythm or some other factor is unclear. Work had not been particularly engaging and a buddy is leaving the project. I have a good friend who is facing some difficult health issues. Regardless of cause, down mood was likely a contributing factor.
  • Quality sleep: I sleep very well. I don’t feel that my sleep has been negatively affected recently, although I have been cold during the night. I often wake before my alarm and feel refreshed. However, on this day I did feel very tired. In fact at lunch I went to my vehicle and checked my phone. I nodded off for a ~5-10 minutes sitting in the car which very unlike me. The tiredness certainly could have been a contributing factor.  
  • Lack of minerals and macronutrients: My diet had not really changed from what it has the last 5 months. Recent variations had been not having eggs as usual, and the prior 2 days had been two meals/day versus one meal a day (OMAD) for social reasons. It will be interesting at my holistic doctor appointment next week analyzing my labs. Nutrition deficiencies such iron, magnesium, calcium, and chromium as well as vitamins such as the B vitamins could contribute. I may be proven otherwise, but at this point I don’t feel this was a contributing factor.
  • Sodium consumption: I have become quite enamored with pork rinds, they are a great snack that I enjoy. They are very high in sodium and very difficult for me to control the portion. It is possible that the sodium was a contributing factor.
  • Dehydration: I continue to intake copious amounts of water, although somewhat diminished the previous day. Aside from the sodium intake above, I do not believe dehydration was a contributing factor.
  • Low Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance: My diet and schedule have not been drastically different than the last 5 months, so I do not believe low blood sugar is a cause. It will be interesting at my holistic doctor appointment next week analyzing my labs what the insulin resistance/sensitivity is. Potentially the prior 2 days of eating two meals/day versus one meal a day, thus increasing insulin, had a contributing factor.

Reviewing the potential triggers there appears to be several factors that could have conspired to create this overwhelming sugar craving. The down mood combined with the unexplained tiredness with some of the lessor potential factors likely contributed. I am pleased that despite the fall I came through and learned more. Being present and listening to my body is a key to avoid this situation in the future.