Our policies

  1. In order to clarify roles in the coaching relationship it is often necessary to distinguish between the client and the sponsor. In many cases, the client and sponsor is the same person and are therefore jointly referred to as the client. For purposes of identification, however, ACC defines these roles as follows:
    • Client: The “Client/Coachee” is the person(s) being coached.
    • Sponsor: The “sponsor” is the entity (including its representatives) paying for and/or arranging for coaching services to be provided. In all cases, coaching engagement agreements clearly establish the rights, roles and responsibilities for both the client and sponsor if the client and sponsor are different people.
  1. ACC maintains the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and sponsor information unless release is required by law. (e.g., illegal activity, pursuant to valid court order or subpoena; imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others; etc.)
  1. ACC client coaching information will only be exchanged with the sponsor in accordance with the coaching engagement agreement that is shared and transparent to ACC, the client(s) and sponsor(s).
  1. Limits in confidentiality for the client and sponsor are agreed to voluntarily and knowingly in writing to include where the coach reasonably believes that because one of the item 2 legal circumstances (above) is applicable, they may need to inform appropriate authorities.